Kyoto Gyoen National Garden

Places for relaxation throughout Kyoto Gyoen provide an oasis for local residents and tourists

Facilities for relaxing and unwinding are situated throughout the garden. The Nakadachiuri Rest House, which was completed in March 2019, has a restaurant for visitors to enjoy a leisurely meal. With the Children’s Park on the west side and popular for its weeping cherry trees blooming in spring, the Rest House at the Site of the Konoe Residence is a haven of respite for local residents of all ages.

The Rest House at the Site of the Konoe Residence provides a place for a leisurely tea break and offers views of the garden. The cafe serves beverages and sweets that suggest the culture of the court nobles and the seasons. Tominokoji Rest House is open to everyone and offers food and beverages for sale. It is the main facility for visitors to the east side of the garden.