Kyoto Gyoen National Garden

Comprehensive Route

Features of the route

・For visitors with plenty of time.
・Covers all the highlights of Kyoto Gyoen, including the main entrances/exits of the garden, such as Inui Gomon Gate and Ainomachi-guchi entrance/exit, as well as the garden’s history, culture, and nature.

Main attractions and route

Inui Gomon Gate→Kyoto Gyoen National Garden Information Center→Hamaguri Gomon Gate, Plum and Peach Groves, Shirakumo-jinja Shrine, and other attractions→Visitor Center at the Site of the Kan-in no Miya Residence→Site of the Kujo Residence & Shusui-tei Tea House→Kenreimon-mae-odori Road→Seiwain Rest House→Grasshopper Fields & Sarugatsuji→Site of the Katsura no Miya Residence & Site of the Konoe Residence→Inui Gomon Gate

*Following the route counterclockwise is recommended to enjoy sceneries that typify Kyoto Gyoen.
*If time is limited, visit just some of the areas from the entrance/exit that is used.
*Wheelchair-accessible garden paths available between Inui Gomon Gate and Ainomachi-guchi entrance/exit.

Estimated time

2.5 hours to 3 hours

*Does not include time spent at the facilities.