Kyoto Gyoen National Garden

Sukiya carpentry, Nishijin brocade, and other traditional craftsmanship skills of Kyoto are on full display at this noble structure

The Kyoto State Guest House was built in 2005 as a facility to welcome distinguished guests from all over the world with the warmest hospitality and to deepen their understanding of Japan and friendships in the city of Kyoto, which symbolizes Japan’s history and culture.

In order to harmonize with its historic landscape and surrounding natural environment, the structure was given a traditional hip-and-gable roof and an exterior in sukiya tea ceremony house style, creating a noble appearance with Japanese aesthetics.

The building and furnishings have been made by employing many traditional craftmanship skills iconic to Kyoto, including sukiya carpentry, plastering, landscape garden making, kirikane (metallic foil cut into strips or other shapes to form decorative motifs), Nishijin brocade, makie lacquerware (with sprinkled metallic powder), and lacquer work.