Kyoto Gyoen National Garden

Recommended Route 1

Features of the route

・For visitors with somewhat limited time.
・This route passes attractions throughout the southern area of Kyoto Gyoen in the vicinity of the Visitor Center at the Site of the Kan-in no Miya Residence. Take in all that epitomize Kyoto Gyoen, from vestiges of a court nobles’ residential area to flowers, autumn colors, and other seasonal landscapes.

Main attractions and route

Ainomachi-guchi entrance/exit→Visitor Center at the Site of the Kan-in no Miya Residence→Site of the Kujo Residence & Shusui-tei Tea House→Kenreimon-mae-odori Road→Omiya Garden Path & Gyoukadou Residence→Kenreimon Gate→Plum and Peach Groves→Ihan-hi Monument Garden Path→Ainomachi-guchi entrance/exit

*Following the route counterclockwise is recommended to enjoy sceneries that typify Kyoto Gyoen.
*Accessible from the Marutamachi subway station and convenient for visitors to Kyoto Imperial Palace.
*Wheelchair-accessible garden paths available between Inui Gomon Gate and Ainomachi-guchi entrance/exit.

Estimated time

Approx. 1 hour

*Does not include time spent at the facilities.